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Review: Linksys WAG354G - Comments


commentWAG354G Range
Works fine,using it in a flat and as soon the distance is over approx 10 feet,I have no reception anymore.
Any idee to help?
Posted 19 Mar 2006 by CARLO
commentRE: WAG354G Range
Hmm, that doesn't sound good. I'd check the signal strength to make sure nothing is broken. While you can see the linksys the signal should be excellent. If it's not then either something is broken or you are getting large amounts of interference.

Check to see if you can see any other wireless networks, and even if you can't (they might not be broadcasting their ssid) try changing the channel you are operating on.
Posted 22 Mar 2006 by Bob
commentThe power supply and heat.
My router is very warm after only being turned of for and hour. The power supply is making a loud buzzing noice and i'm ver concerned because when you touch that it's roasting!!! I could cook on it!!

I might be a fault but i'm currently unhappy with this!
Posted 22 Mar 2006 by Steve
commentRE: The power supply and heat.
The power supply shouldn't be making any noise at all, and shouldn't get that hot. I'd think about sending it back as faulty.
Posted 23 Mar 2006 by Bob
commentLying flat poses no range issues for me
I've also got mine lying flat on the desk and it easily has a range of 45ft and is going through a thick and solid brick wall.

I did find that having the receiving USB Linksys adapter right near the back of my monitor did effectively reduce the range, but keeping the adapter at least 6 inches from the screen cleared that up.

My problem is that the Wireless LAN and wired LAN connected the the same WAG354G won't talk to each other and I havent found any help for that one
Posted 27 Mar 2006 by Robin
commentExcellent router
I have been using this router extensively over the last month and it is exceptional in every respect. It has all the stability you would expect from cisco without the complexity. Yet at the same time has all the advance features you can enable if u require.

And in response to Robin above there is no way that you can connect a single computer to the same router with wired and wireless connectivity as the DHCP will just revoke the old IP and release both connections due to identical hostnames. DHCP on these units is Name based not MAC for some reason.

Other than this I would recommend to all looking to buy 5 *'s in my book
Posted 24 Apr 2006 by Dave
commentWireless configuration
The modem works seamlessly when I connect it to a router via ethernet. If I try to use it as a stand alone wireless router, it does not work. Ethernet settings are (I think) right, but internet browsing becomes painful (takes up to 3 minutes to load a standard webpage, if it loads at all)... Any hint??
Posted 17 May 2006 by Fernando

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