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Easy Homemade 2.4 Ghz Omni AntennaEasy Homemade 2.4 Ghz Omni Antenna
An easy step-by-step guide go making a homemade wireless antenna, for a fraction of the cost of commercial antenna. Uses readily available parts, and requires no specialist tools or knowledge.Or in geek speak - a diy homebrew omnidirectional colinear dipole design suitable for 2.4 Ghz wifi compatible hardware with external antenna connector.
Posted 24 Dec 2002 | Full Article | Read Comments (65) | Add a Comment
Common Wireless Antenna ConnectorsCommon Wireless Antenna Connectors
We've photographed and labelled the most common types of connectors you get on wifi kit, so you can work out what cable you need to buy to join up your wireless card/access point and external antenna. ...
Last Updated 28 Jun 2004 | Read More
Laptop Mini Wireless AntennaLaptop Mini Wireless Antenna
A small antenna to boost the signal of a laptop wireless card, that can be stuck to the back of the laptop screen. ...
Posted 10 Mar 2004 | Read More | Read Comments (30) | Add a Comment
Long Range LinksLong Range Links
A guide to building longrange wireless links ( over 1km ) using standard hardware and remaining within legal power limits. This is information that some manufacturers have known all along, but that I've only recently understood.
Posted 26 Dec 2002 | Full Article | Read Comments (12) | Add a Comment
Customize your wireless routerCustomize your wireless router
Installing an open-source firmware on your wireless router could open up its full potential, giving you more features, control and information on your wireless network. ...
Posted 12 Oct 2006 | Read More | Add a Comment
Review: Netgear DG834G Wireless ADSL RouterReview: Netgear DG834G Wireless ADSL Router
Review of the Netgear DG834G 54Mbps Wireless ADSL Firewall Router. A standard single antenna, 4 port adsl modem, firewall router. ...
Posted 28 Sep 2006 | Read More | Add a Comment
Review: 3Com 3CRWDR100A-72 Wireless ADSL RouterReview: 3Com 3CRWDR100A-72 Wireless ADSL Router
Review of the 3Com OfficeConnect ADSL Wireless 11g Firewall Router. A twin antenna 54Mbps 802.11g wireless router in a standard OfficeConnect case. ...
Posted 6 May 2006 | Read More | Add a Comment
Howto: Setup a Windows XP VPNHowto: Setup a Windows XP VPN
In just a few simple steps you can setup a secure VPN using software builtin to XP to create a safe tunnel between a laptop and your home pc. ...
Posted 29 Apr 2006 | Read More | Read Comments (1) | Add a Comment
Public WiFi safetyPublic WiFi safety
Keeping your wireless traffic secure while you read your emails at the local coffee shop will prevent anyone sniffing your emails, or worse - your passwords. We detail the options availble for keeping your WiFi connection safe. ...
Posted 29 Mar 2006 | Read More | Add a Comment
The State of WiMAXThe State of WiMAX
Anyone who keeps up with tech news will no doubt have heard of WiMAX for a long time, but why hasn't it reached mainstream yet? We look at the current state of WiMAX to find out whats holding it back. ...
Posted 18 Mar 2006 | Read More | Read Comments (1) | Add a Comment
Pre-N Wireless Hardware RoundupPre-N Wireless Hardware Roundup
With the 802.11n specification approaching IEEE ratification, we review the current range of pre-n hardware currently available. ...
Posted 16 Mar 2006 | Read More | Read Comments (2) | Add a Comment
Review: U.S.Robotics Wireless MAXg RouterReview: U.S.Robotics Wireless MAXg Router
Review of the USR Wireless MAXg router model 5461. This 125Mbps wireless router from U.S. Robotics provides new levels of range and speed for wireless connections and supports the latest wifi security standards. ...
Posted 9 Mar 2006 | Read More | Add a Comment
Review: Linksys WAG354GReview: Linksys WAG354G
Review of the Linksys WAG354G wireless, ADSL2+, 4 port router. This new 802.11g wireless router from Linksys is a break from their traditional style of routers with significant design flair over their standard offering. ...
Posted 18 Jan 2006 | Read More | Read Comments (7) | Add a Comment
Securing Your Wireless NetworkSecuring Your Wireless Network
A guide to making your wireless network safe and secure, and preventing unauthorized access or snooping. By following these simple steps you can ensure that only you will be able to connect wirelessly to your network. ...
Posted 10 Jan 2006 | Read More | Add a Comment
Hardware for Point to Point LinksHardware for Point to Point Links
Details of hardware for building point-to-point wireless links, including access points, antenna and power supplies. Includes features to look for when choosing suitable hardware. ...
Posted 12 Nov 2005 | Read More | Read Comments (1) | Add a Comment
MIMO Wireless GuideMIMO Wireless Guide
An simple guide to MIMO ('multiple in, multiple out') wireless, explaining how it works, and a roundup of current MIMO wifi hardware. ...
Posted 7 Nov 2005 | Read More | Add a Comment
Building a 100Mbps wireless bridgeBuilding a 100Mbps wireless bridge
A case study on building a high speed 120m wireless bridge between two corporate offices, including details on which hardware was choosen and why. ...
Posted 9 Oct 2005 | Read More | Read Comments (4) | Add a Comment
Linux Based AccessPointsLinux Based AccessPoints
Linux based Access Points are either a hardware AccessPoint running Linux, that can be modded by the owner, or a standard pc running linux, with software running the AccessPoint. ...
Posted 23 Jul 2004 | Read More | Read Comments (1) | Add a Comment
Roundup - Wireless Access Point ComparisonRoundup - Wireless Access Point Comparison
We've rounded up the main consumer access points from Belkin, D-Link, Linksys, Netgear and SMC. Now you can see at a glance how they all compare. ...
Posted 16 Jul 2004 | Read More | Read Comments (1) | Add a Comment
Limited Bandwidth SharingLimited Bandwidth Sharing
A basic guide to setting up a windows pc to share your internet connection, while controlling the amount of bandwidth you share. Let your neighbours borrow your broadband connection, while keeping enough bandwidth for yourself. ...
Posted 4 Dec 2003 | Read More | Read Comments (2) | Add a Comment
Antenna Cabling GuideAntenna Cabling Guide
Part one of a simple guide to connecting your access-point, pc or laptop to an external antenna, to increase your range, or connect to a distant access-point. ...
Posted 4 Dec 2003 | Read More
Inside a 3Com 3CRWDR100A-72 Wireless ADSL RouterInside a 3Com 3CRWDR100A-72 Wireless ADSL Router
We take apart our new 3Com ADSL Wireless 11g Firewall Router to see what makes it tick. This is the same router that comes in 3Com's 3CRWE754G72-AGBUN router/pcmcia-card bundle. ...
Posted 4 May 2006 | Read More | Read Comments (2) | Add a Comment
Inside a Buffalo WBR-G54Inside a Buffalo WBR-G54
Photos of the insides of a Buffalo WBR-G54 Wireless Router, a 54Mbit wireless router with 4 port switch (also compatible with 11Mbit wireless cards). Thanks to Peter for the pictures. ...
Posted 4 Jan 2005 | Read More
Inside a Linksys WAG54GInside a Linksys WAG54G
Photos of the insides of a Linksys WAG54G-EU Wireless ADSL gateway, a 55Mbit wireless access point with adsl router and firewall (also compatible with 11Mbit wireless cards). Thanks to Samuli for the pictures and info ...
Posted 4 Apr 2004 | Read More
Inside a Belkin F5D7130Inside a Belkin F5D7130
Detailed photos of the insides of a Belkin F5D7130 Access Point. It looks as though it is the same as the Linksys WRT54G as the firmware appears to be the same. Thanks to Mark for the pictures and info. ...
Posted 27 Jul 2003 | Read More
Inside a Buffalo AirstationInside a Buffalo Airstation
We've taken apart our Buffalo WLA-L11G Airstation to fit a new external antenna, and so we've photographed the whole event.
Posted 4 May 2003 | Full Article
Inside a Linksys WAP11 v2.2Inside a Linksys WAP11 v2.2
We've taken apart our trusty Linksys Wap11 to see if we can fit it in a smaller waterproof case (more or that soon...), and have written a short guide to taking apart a wap11 without breaking it. Lots of pictures showing how to take it apart, and what it looks like inside (including inside the antenna). We even got to void the warranty!
Posted 18 Jan 2003 | Full Article

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