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Linux Based AccessPoints
Linux based Access Points are either a hardware AccessPoint running Linux, that can be modded by the owner, or a standard pc running linux, with software running the AccessPoint.

If you want to run your own custom access point, then the two choices,

  • Build a linux box with a wireless card, and run access point software, which lets you customise the access point as much as you want.
  • Buy an off the shelf access point that is easily modified and either customise the existing firmware, or load a completely new and customizable firmware. With off the shelf wireless access points the main limitations are on the amount of processing power they have, and how much room there is for the firmware.
There are lots of software and sites to help you set up a linux access point, and we've rounded up the main options.

Linux PC running AccessPoint Software

Host AP
This is a linux driver for Prism 2/2.5/3 chipsets that handles all of the 802.11 management functions allowing the linux PC to act as an access point for other wireless clients. Main site is hostap.epitest.fi.
An open source captive portal and authentication system. Designed to handle public access to a wireless node, with various levels of security. Main site is nocat.net
An 802.11 wireless accesspoint that runs on a tiny linux distribution, small enough to fit onto a bootable floppy disk. Main Site www.cqure.net
A Single Bootable Floppy based Linux distribution that as a router, gateway, firewall, wireless access point and DHCP server. Main Site the.earth.li/~martin/sisela/
PersonalTelco's DebianApImage
This is a pre-built disk image/tarball for getting the FujitsuStylistic1000 running as an AccessPoint. It has NoCatAuth, NAT, firewalls, and DHCP support right out of the box. Main Site wiki.personaltelco.net
Linux LiveCD Router
Bootable Linux CD that allows you to share your broadband connection and use WIFI. You can use DSL, ADSL, Cable Modem, T1, Fixed IPs, Dial-Up, WIFI, build you own Access Point. Main Page www.wifi.com.ar/english/cdrouter.html
Less Networks Hotspot Server
Download a bootable installation CD to turn your pc into wireless hotspot. www.lessnetworks.com

Hardware AP with custom firmware

Linksys WRT54G
Replacement firmwares available from Sveasoft (www.sveasoft.com), OpenWRT (openwrt.ksilebo.net), Portless (www.protless.net/ewrt), BatBox (www.batbox.org) and wifi-box (wifi-box.sourceforge.net)
Linksys WAP54G
Firmware Hack to increase the transmit power available from Neo (forum.wirelessnederland.nl) and mustdie (www.dslreports.com).
Full firmware available from Sveasoft (www.sveasoft.com).


commentWRT54GS firmware
Consider including DD-WRT.com as firmware for the
Posted 28 Nov 2005 by Skip Flem

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