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WiFi Glossary

Wireless standard operating at 5.4Ghz, and at speeds up to 54Mbps. Provides 6 non overlapping channels
Wireless standard operating at 2.4Ghz (along with DECT phones and microwave ovens!). Provides up to 11Mbps bandwidth and 3 non overlapping channels
Wireless standard operating at 2.4Ghz. Provides up to 54Mbps bandwidth and 3 non overlapping channels
Antenna Gain
Antenna don't increase the transmission power, but focus the signal more. So instead of transmitting in every direction (including the sky and ground) antenna focus the signal usually either more horizontally or in one particular direction. This gain is measured in decibels
Receive Sensitivity
The minimum signal strength required to pick up a signal. Higher bandwidth connections have less receive sensitivity than lower bandwidth connections.
Signal to Noise Ratio. The number of decibels difference between the signal strength and background noise.
Transmit Power
The power usually expressed in mW or db that the wireless device transmits at.

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