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Older News

Merry ChristmasMerry Christmas
Merry Christmas, and a happy new year.
Posted 25 Dec 2002 | Link
Speakeasy ISP supports Wi-Fi sharingSpeakeasy ISP supports Wi-Fi sharing
Speakeasy has recently published its policy regarding DSL subscribers sharing their connection with others via Wi-Fi. It encourages sharing as long as the AUP is not breached. It points out that the subscriber must take responsibility for the traffic on their DSL line. This would appear to be a first for an ISP, and hopefully other ISPs will follow suit.
Posted 15 Dec 2002 | Full Article | cached
Japan secures Wi-Fi the old fashioned wayJapan secures Wi-Fi the old fashioned way
The Japan Meteorological Agency and the Tokyo metropolitan government have stopped using wireless in government offices after recently discovering that Wi-Fi is not as secure as old fashioned cable . Over the weekend all of the wireless lan kit was unplugged and replaced with cable. Well this is one way to make Wi-Fi more secure - stop using it. ...
Posted 27 Dec 2002 | Read More
Feds Label Wi-Fi As Terrorist ToolFeds Label Wi-Fi As Terrorist Tool
Consultants for the department of Homeland Security in the States today, admitted that the Feds see unsecured wireless access as a threat to national security. They are threatening to bring in regulations to force users to secure their wireless installations.
Posted 6 Dec 2002 | Full Article | cached
I'm sorry if any of you have mailed me recently, and not yet received a reply. I've been a bit overloaded at work :-( , and I've been spending much of my free time redesigning this site, from a single page, to something I can add articles and news to.
Posted 24 Dec 2002 | Link
Marriott to offer Wi-FiMarriott to offer Wi-Fi
Marriot Hotels has announced today, that they are to start a trial offering Wi-Fi access in 400 of their 2500 Hotels. The wireless access is planned for open areas and meeting rooms as they currently already offer in-room internet access.
Hopefully more Hotels will pick up from this lead and start installing. ...
Posted 20 Dec 2002 | Read More
Linksys Announce Wi-Fi AmpLinksys Announce Wi-Fi Amp
Linksys, who seem to enjoy bring wireless kit to the masses, have announced the availablity of a Wi-Fi amp (WSB24) that piggybacks onto an existing Linksys Access Point (WAP11 or BEFW11S4). Whether or not it will work with other Access points as yet unknown. This certainly should increase the range available, and make last mile solutions more affordable.
Posted 22 Dec 2002 | Full Article | cached
Bell Canada Payphone HotspotsBell Canada Payphone Hotspots
Bell Canada today announced the trial of public wireless hotspots, adding wireless internet access to a number of payphones in the Toronto and Montreal. During the trial, access will be free :-)
Posted 11 Dec 2002 | Full Article | cached

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