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Laptop Mini Wireless Antenna - Comments


commentCan An Inductive Type Of Antenna Work To Boost Existing Antenna
I don't want to open up my laptop case because or warranty concerns. Can an inductive type of antenna be made to boost the reception of an existing onboard antenna?
Posted 17 Apr 2005 by Jeff Chutsman
commentRE: Can An Inductive Type Of Antenna Work To Boost Existing Antenna
I'm don't know if an inductive antenna would work, or how you would design the inductive part.
Posted 20 Apr 2005 by Bob
commentRE: inductive antenna
The only inductive antenna "booster" i've seen was designed for a inductive antenna that was allready inside the radio. At these frequencies RF does weird things though so you never know. I'm sure you'd have to "open up" that lap top to do anything that would really help. Good luck CT
Posted 14 Dec 2005 by captain tropic
commentlaptop wireless cards
I have three laptop wireless cards. None of them have a connector for an additional antenna. where can you find one that does or how do you modify one to accept the mini one you suggest building. Also can you feed the rf signal into a wireless router that has an ethernet connector input ?
Posted 23 Jan 2006 by Roger
commentI made this antenna
I made this antenna 3 months ago sept for it was just a little smaller and have used it on my psp and has done wonders for web surffing.
Posted 24 Jan 2006 by bootdsc
commentBrainiac has the answer!
A British program called Brainiac done a similar experiment with phone signals. Although an external antenna did improve signal quite well, laying tin foil everywhere was also surprisingly effective (The antenna got 3 bars of signal and the tin foil got 2). So, you could try just laying lots of tin foil around your laptop.
Posted 24 Jan 2006 by Lewis
commentRE: Inductive?
I don't know about an inductive antenna, but I've had pretty good luck with parabolic reflectors and laptops. Just about any metallic parabola will work - the trick is finding where the laptop's built in antenna is, and getting it into the focus of the parabola. I've had pretty good luck using aluminum foil covered cardboard and a PCMCIA wireless card.
Posted 24 Jan 2006 by Sys Admn
commentRE: Inductive Antenna
Yes an indutive antenna will work but you have to know where the antenna is in your laptop. Using a gain antenna [Cantenna?] terminate in a quarter-wave dipole [one 1.2" from center conductor and one 1.2" from sheild at right angels to the coax]. This must be placed as close as possible and parallel to the antenna in the laptop. Keep the lead-in as short as possible due to coax loss at 2.4 Ghz.
Posted 24 Jan 2006 by Bill
commentRE: inductive antenna
You'd need the inductive receiving coils inside the laptop.
Posted 24 Jan 2006 by Jason
This is neat-o but if you want to add something to your lappie without opening it then use a USB dongle and search for the wokfi page
Posted 24 Jan 2006 by cs25x
commentRE: inductive antenna
you can make a whole setup for around $20 if you are smart. get a 200mw prism card and a short piece of LMR cable and put it together with a standard antenna from almost any old wireless device with a detachable antenna
Posted 24 Jan 2006 by Graham
commentlaptop antenna
Most laptops with internal wi-fi use a mini-PCI card, which can usualy be accessed by opening a small cover on the bottom of the computer. This will not normaly void your warranty. On the card, you will see two teeny-tiny coax cables running off the the inside of the case. these are your internal antenna connections. Simply disconnect one (just pull), obtain a suitable connector and attach your external antenna. It won't be pretty, or very robust, but it works.
Posted 25 Jan 2006 by eggo
commentMini Laptop PCB Antenna
In Laptops with builtin wireless, there are small PCB antennas in the sides of the lid. Is it possible to build such an antenna or something similar in size?
Posted 25 Jan 2006 by M
commentGo for a USB Wifi card
Jeff : if you worry about your laptop warranty, you should choose a USB Wifi receiver. Just have to build a parabolic passive booster for your antenna.
Posted 25 Jan 2006 by thuan
commentRe: Go for a USB Wifi card
I've been playing round with parabolic reflectors and USB Wifi dongles

The big problem I've hit is that most USB Wifi (well the two I tried) use "NDIS 5.1" this is a pain in the neck because I haven't been able to find a way of benchmarking the signal strength (netstumbler does not report the noise level so I can't get a S/N ratio)
Posted 26 Jan 2006 by Michael Lush
commentweak free signal
Have a desktop with 811g Belkin card & am on the edge of wifi signal from library. Loose that signal at times, other times, slow download. What do I need? Longer antenna? Booster? Any help appreciated. Thnx. Bob
Posted 7 Mar 2006 by BOB DE
commentRE: weak free signal
Either use a more powerful antenna, or move the antenna to somewhere that has a clearer view of the library - so you are loosing less signal from obstructions
Posted 8 Mar 2006 by Bob
commentmotorolla pcmcia card
I have a laptop and I recently purchased a motorolla pcmcia card for it. I am gettin a signal, probably from my neighbour, and I would like to find a way to improve the signal.
Is the antenna in the end of the card that sticks out of the computer?
I tried some tinfoil around the card but I saw no difference in the bars indicating signal strenght. Is this a case where your antenna might help?
I'm not very computer or antenna literate so dummy up your answers as much as possible please.
Posted 15 Mar 2006 by Peter Baxter
commentRE: motorolla pcmcia card
The antenna is usually in the bit of the card that sticks out of the laptop, but you can only (easily) add an external antenna if there is a socket on it where you could connect one.
Posted 16 Mar 2006 by Bob
commentPcmcia card
I have a laptop with built-in antenna, I want to install a pcmcia card with external antenna connection to increase my receive signal..is there any conflic between the pcmcia card and the internal card? how should I do this?
Posted 8 Apr 2006 by ronald tan
commentRE: Pcmcia card
As long as you turn off the internal wireless (either from bios or windows) then there shouldn't be a problem.
Posted 9 Apr 2006 by Bob
commentJust built one
Just for the heck of it and because I had a bunch of extra RG58 cable, I built one a tested it on a laptop with a Avaya card and net stumbler installed. Here is an link to an image of the results.
Not too bad.
Posted 19 Apr 2006 by J Rhymes
commentmade one for a inspiron b120
my b120 came with no antenna in the laptop. They sold me a mpci 1370 card but with no antenna i was lossing signal 3 feet from the AP. I built this antenna covered it with shrink tube and slid it into the case beside the mpci card then sodered it to the card i am now getting 75% signal strength 100 feet from the house inside my studio (metal building). and 100% in my house. I am currently building a large one to connect to my ap just to see what will happen. I'll post the results here.
Posted 5 May 2006 by freecat
commentcan you post a picture?
Can you post a picture of your homemade antenna.. i have the same issue with a B120. Thanks
Posted 20 May 2006 by Aniv
commentwireless antenna for B120 Dell
Please post some picts, i have the same issue and will need to build a antenna for my laptop.
Posted 7 Jun 2006 by Jeff
commentadditonal signal strength aquisition
I have a B130 and would also like to bost reception. Is there no way to do this.
Posted 30 Jun 2006 by JACK MCELREATH
commentInductive Antenna
The high frequencys used by Wi Fi makes the use of an inductive coupler unpratical.. What you lose in signal is more that what you gain by having an external antenna with greater gain...

Also the method shown above for creating your own antenna is not accurate enough, I would siggest a full wave 1/1 antenna but even making that can be problematic if not precision engineered... Please also note that if this antenna is not of the correct length then a principle called Voltage Standing Waves reflected back into your transmitter can cause damage.
Posted 8 Jul 2006 by Mr R F Wizard
commentmini antenna
I build it yesterday and puttted it on my modem-router (Linksys WAG354G). It increased the signal enough for my use.
The details and tips given in this article were really useful to me : thanks !!!
Posted 16 Aug 2006 by kakou
commentLaptop wireless antenna

My laptop has a builtin wireless card. i cannot see any antenna or connector around the laptop. how can i connect the Laptop Mini Wireless antenna to my laptop then.

Posted 30 Oct 2006 by Fouad
commentRE: Laptop wireless antenna
Without a connector on the card, you cannot connect an antenna.
Posted 31 Oct 2006 by Bob

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